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Metro Dash WOD

I had a great time at the San Diego Metro Dash with my CrossFit Elysium teammates Alessandra and Nick last Saturday.  We were eager to get the 1.5 hour race underway when we met up at my place bright and early Saturday morning.  Ben was kind enough to drive us down to the Embarcadero in SD where the start/ finish line was. ****We finished in 1:25.  It's been a while since I've worked for that long without stopping. It was fun and my teammates kept me going--thanks guys!  Here is a decription of the event and some pics:

The whole course is about 3 - 5 miles:

TABATA – At all Tabata challenges you will be required to complete 4 minutes of interval training. Tabata is 20 seconds of maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. Maximum effort is defined as proper form combined with as many reps as possible.  

***During Metro Dash you will complete the following Tabata Challenges:
Star Jumps

-BEAR LUNGES – What do you get when you mix bear crawls with lunges? Bear Lunges. You’ll perform walking lunges from one set of cones to another and then bear crawl back to the first set of cones.

THE GAUNTLET (completed twice): 

-Power Ropes – You’ll grab a set of these ropes and complete 30 seconds
of intense movements.

-Tire Flips – You’ll flip these 150lb tractor tires from one set of cones to
another and then back again for a total of 12 flips.

-TRX Rows – You’ll complete 12 reps of inverted TRX rows.

-Sled Drag – You’ll sprint with a 50lb sled from one set of cones to another
and then back again.

-Slam Balls – You’ll slam a 12lb rubber ball into the ground 12 times. The
goal is to catch it after only one bounce.

-Box Jumps – You’ll perform 12 box jumps on either an 18” or 24” metal

-Kettlebell Swings – You’ll complete 12 Kettlebell swings using either a
15lb or 25lb bell.

-The Wall – You’ll jump over an 8’ wall.

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After my daughter, Marlie was born in early 2009, I really turned up the heat on my workouts to get back in shape. I followed my usual old routine including a moderate diet but was never able to quite get back to my original shape. A friend who was also a new mom invited me to her home a few times where they had a CrossFit garage gym. I was hooked after the first workout! It was different, intense, and best of all, not monotonous or boring. They were constantly doing something new. In only a few months, I had my pre-pregnancy body back and it was even better than before—this time I was stronger than ever, despite my previous attempts on the weight machines. Another great motivator is that the workouts are generally 30 - 45 minutes including warm-up and cool down, NOT 90 minutes like my old workouts. As a new busy mom, this is very important to me. It didn’t take long to realize this is the best thing I have ever done for my health.

I made more gains and improvements in my level of fitness during my first year of CrossFit than I had in the past 15 years of working out. I am now in my mid 30s and can easily say I am in the best shape of my life. I owe it all to two things, CrossFit and good nutrition. A healthy, well balanced diet that provides adequate sources of high quality protein, low glycemic index foods and the proper fats and oils will dramatically change your overall well-being and improve your workouts tremendously.

My successes inspire me to want to share this lifestyle with others. Health and nutrition have always been frontrunners in my life and those who value the same are invited to join us. I believe that if you’re going to do something, you should do it right; and when it comes to fitness training, that means CrossFit. CrossFit has been proven to work by measurable, observable, repeatable facts that we call “evidence-based fitness” so it's only a matter of time before you can see the results if you put the time in.

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