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5/23/13 WOD - "Angie"

High Bar Back Squat: 3x10, *Heaviest Possiblie

followed by

100 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats

***119 BS. Met-con: 21:54 (last PR was 20:58)

10/29/12 WOD

Happy birthday to my little Mason!  Thanks for putting up with my CF training at the gym this past year. 

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class today while Mason cried then slept in the kid zone. I'm so thankful to be able to train with CFE these last few days in North Park.

Skill: double-unders.  First time practicing my doubles in a while.  Wanted to try out the knee and see how it felt.  It's okay now, I'll know by tomorrow if I should proceed with caution or back off for a little longer.

Strength: pause front squats, 10 x 2 reps @ 60% 1RM. Pause for 1-2 sec at rock bottom before standing. I subbed my usual reverse lunges at 105 lbs, two on each leg with the pause at the bottom to spare my knee.

-15 wall balls (I subbed 1.5 pood kettle bell swings to spare my knee from the squats)
-25 straight legged sit ups
(5 rounds for time. 15 min time cap.)

***I finished in 8:06

10/17/12 WOD

I trained during open gym at Elysium today since Mason's nap schedule is changing and I wanted him to sleep during my workout--success on the sleeping.

Strength: Power clean and jerk, work up to max.  I got up to 143 lbs. and then felt the knee a bit so decided to stop there.

Met-con: "Games Grace (modified)"
-30 power clean and jerks at 105 lbs for time.

***I finished in 5:52. 

My last few days coaching at CrossFit Elysium

With great happiness comes great sadness.  Ben, Marlie, Mason and I are moving to Carlsbad in a few weeks to live by the beach--a long-time dream of ours.  The decision was bittersweet as Elysium has been a second home to us these past three years and we've made so many amazing friends.  Although my Elysium coaching days will be over, I still hope to train at CFE once a week or so after we are settled.  You (the members and coaches) have changed my life for the better and I thank you.  I feel honored and privileged to have trained along side some of the most dedicated and motivating people I have ever met and I look forward to hearing updates on everyone.


Before and after pics of Wendy - CFE's athlete of the month

Check out these before and after pics of one of our members and mother of two, Wendy.  She made these changes in just seven months.  Read her story at


9/27/12 WOD

I had some great workouts last week but it's been a few days since I've posted.  We've been really busy getting everyone's schedules in order around the house.  Lot's of new and exciting things happening--more to come soon.

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class while Marlie and Mason played (without killing each other) in the kid zone.

Strength: Tempo dead-lifts 3x3 at 75%.  I warmed up and did my three sets at 223 lbs.

-row 1000m
-4 mins max effort kettle bell swings
-row 1000m

***I completed both rows in a total of 8:41 (4:11 and 4:30) and did a total of 81 swings.  My four mins was kind of a guess since I had to run and take a quick break to help Marls in the bathroom.

9/20/12 WOD

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class while Marlie and Mason played together in the kid zone.  It's so cute to watch Marlie taking care of her little brother while we workout.

Strength: Push press + split jerk, not maxing out but aiming for repeated heavy sets.  I subbed 5x3 deadlift at 80% in order to spare the knee on the jerks and get some posterior chain work in. I've been loosing a bit of strength there due to skipping squats so I'm going to be doing a lot of deads to make up for it.

Met-con: As many reps as possible in 15 mins of:
-run 400 meters (I subbed a 500 m row)
-max reps push press at 63 lbs. Back to the rower once you put the bar down.

***I completed 56 reps

9/17/12 WOD

I trained with the 11 a.m. Elysium class today while Marlie was at school and Mason played in the kid zone.

Strength: 1 rep max deadlift. I warmed up to 285 lbs.  I wanted to get 300 but failed that attempt once.  It will be a good retest goal in a month as my PR is 303.

Met-con: 3 rounds for time (10 min time cap):
-30 push press at 63 lbs
-250 m row

***I completed 2 rounds plus up to 60 meters in 10 mins.

9/13/12 WOD

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class while Marls and Mason played in the kid zone.

Strength: Max effort snatch. I got up to 120 lbs then failed 125 lbs three times.  My PR is 121 so no movement today. 

Met-con: AMRAP 10 mins:
-12 burpee box jumps (24"box men/ 20" women)
-12 toes to bar

***I scaled up to the 24" box and completed 4 rounds plus 6 BBJ.

Here is an example of burpee box jumps:

9/12/12 WOD - Split jerk PR

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class while Marls was at school and Mason screamed from the swing.  He ended up in the playsaucer next to me during the met-con so it worked out ok. 

Strength: max effort split jerk. I got up to 170 lbs which is a 5 lb PR.  I felt I could have gone a little higher so we'll see next time.

Met-con: "Helen" 3 rounds for time:
-400m run
-21 kettlebell swings
-12 pull ups

***I subbed a 500 m row for the run to spare my knees and finished in 13:07.  My old PR is 11+ mins but that was with the run as Rx'd and of course my met-con was much better.  Going to get back there soon!

9/10/12 - WOD

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class while Marls was at school and Mason slept in the swing.  My friend Dave was in town so he was able to join me and check out the place I spend so much of my time :-)  He kicked butt and it was a blast having him!

Strength: Back squat for 3 rep max.  I warmed up to and maxed out at 190 lbs today.  I thought my old PR was 185 x 3 but it was actually 195 so no PR for me today.

Met-con: Tabata pull ups.  20 seconds on, 10 secs of rest for 8 cycles straight or 4 mins total. ***I completed 61 as Rx'd.

9/7/12 WOD

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class while Marls was at school and Mason slept in the swing in the gym kid zone.

Strength: full snatch + 2 overhead squats.  I worked up to 113 lbs for the sequence.

Met-con: 10 minutes, get as many ring dips as possible. Preform 14 jumping lunges at the top of each minute.  ***I completed 65 dips Rx'd.

Here is a quick example of jumping lunges:

9/4/12 WOD

Strength: 1 full clean + 2 front squats.  Make a weight three times (per sequence) before advancing in weight. I worked up to 123 lbs for three sets being careful not to push my knee yet with squats.

Met-con: 10 minutes: As many reps as possible of double-unders. Complete 15 kettlebell swings (53/ 35 lbs) at the top of every minute.  I scaled up to the men's weight of 53 lbs which was a mistake. I ended up having to reduce my reps to 10 during round six as I couldn't get past 12 reps per minute. ***I completed 42 DUs but was only able to get them in during four of the rounds.

9/3/12 WOD

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class while Marlie had a play date and Mason slept in the kid zone.

Strength: Back squat 4x3 @100% of your 3 rep max.  I warmed up to and did my four sets at 185 lbs.

Met-con: "Fran"
21-15-9 reps of:
-Thrusters (95 lbs men/ 65 women)
-Pull ups

***I finished in 6:15 which is sadly not a PR.

Check this out. Good clip to that sums up a few things about starchy carbs and fat storage:

8/31/12 WOD

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class while Marlie was at school and Alessandra took care of Mason--thanks Rhys for helping out too!

Strength: 2 power snatch + 1 full snatch. Reps do not have to be unbroken. Work technique, do NOT go heavier than 70% of 1RM.  I worked up to 103 lbs for three sets of the sequence.

Met-con: Row 1000 m for time.  ***I finished in 3:59 - UGH!  Thought I was going to die after this...not my favorite "short" wod

8/30/12 WOD

I trained during open gym hours at Elysium with Alessandra today while Mason and Marlie hung out in the kid zone.

Met-con only: "Annie" redemption:
50-40-30-20-10 double-unders and sit-ups.  I scaled up to GHD sit-ups and made it through the round of 30 this time before switching to toes-to-bar.  Surprisingly the doubles were the easiest part today.  Don't know what it is, but high rep GHDs make me want to throw up every time.

***Finished in 25:20

Here is a video instruction for GHD sit-ups:

8/29/12 WOD

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class today while Marlie was at school and Mason slept in the swing.

Strength: push press x 3, split jerk x 2. Go for max weight for all 5 reps in a row.  I worked up to 135 lbs for the final set.

Met-con: AMRAP 12 mins:
-15 overhead squats 95/65 lbs
-run 200m

***I misread the weight and did the wod with 55 lbs.  I also subbed a 250 m row for the run so spare the knees and completed a total of 4 rounds plus 15 OHS.

8/28/12 WOD

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class today while Marlie and Mason played in the kid zone.

Strength: Back squat 3x5.  I warmed up to 155 lbs and did my three sets by five reps at that weight.

Met-con: Short one toady...
-Row 500
-50 sit ups
-Row 400
-40 push ups

I finished in 13:01.  Terrible day for met-con...first time in months I thought I was going to throw up.  I went as slow as needed to avoid getting sick and felt like I was moving at a snails pace. 

8/21/12 WOD - Split jerk PR

I trained with the 10 a.m. Elysium class today while Marlie and Mason hung out in the kid area. 

Strength: 1 rep max split jerk.  I warmed up to 145 lbs x3 and then went for singles.  I got up to 167 lbs which is a 2 lb PR and think I could have gone a little heavier. 

Met-con: Half "Cindy" (AMRAP 10 mins):
-5 pull ups
-10 push ups
-15 squats (I subbed 53 lb kettle swings to spare the knees)

***I completed 7 rounds plus up to 3 pulls


I discovered at an early age that being active and fit feels great, so health and fitness have always played a major role in my life. When I was younger I was into dancing, track and field, rollerblading and bicycling. I enjoyed running and skiing all through my teens and twenties, and ran on the cross country team at CSU, Chico. After college, I trained for and ran several competitive races including the Silver Strand Half Marathon. Later I joined a big cookie-cutter gym, heavy on machines, where I designed my own workouts based on out-of-date methods I learned in college.

After my daughter, Marlie was born in early 2009, I really turned up the heat on my workouts to get back in shape. I followed my usual old routine including a moderate diet but was never able to quite get back to my original shape. A friend who was also a new mom invited me to her home a few times where they had a CrossFit garage gym. I was hooked after the first workout! It was different, intense, and best of all, not monotonous or boring. They were constantly doing something new. In only a few months, I had my pre-pregnancy body back and it was even better than before—this time I was stronger than ever, despite my previous attempts on the weight machines. Another great motivator is that the workouts are generally 30 - 45 minutes including warm-up and cool down, NOT 90 minutes like my old workouts. As a new busy mom, this is very important to me. It didn’t take long to realize this is the best thing I have ever done for my health.

I made more gains and improvements in my level of fitness during my first year of CrossFit than I had in the past 15 years of working out. I am now in my mid 30s and can easily say I am in the best shape of my life. I owe it all to two things, CrossFit and good nutrition. A healthy, well balanced diet that provides adequate sources of high quality protein, low glycemic index foods and the proper fats and oils will dramatically change your overall well-being and improve your workouts tremendously.

My successes inspire me to want to share this lifestyle with others. Health and nutrition have always been frontrunners in my life and those who value the same are invited to join us. I believe that if you’re going to do something, you should do it right; and when it comes to fitness training, that means CrossFit. CrossFit has been proven to work by measurable, observable, repeatable facts that we call “evidence-based fitness” so it's only a matter of time before you can see the results if you put the time in.

One of my mentors once told me I was training to “not suck at life.” I challenge you to do the same! Come by or email me and let’s get started!

Certifications/ Education-

- CrossFit Level I Trainer certification - 2009
- B.A: Journalism with an Option in Public Relations from CSU, Chico
- Minor: Health Sciences from CSU, Chico
- Basic Life Support (BLS) certified
- PADI Open Water Diver certified